Dali on the Beach

by Jo Morello
(excerpt from American Way magazine)

. . . The Dali-designed Teatre Museu in Figueras, Spain, his birthplace, exemplifies the surrealist influence the controversial artist alternately denied and embraced. At this pink birthday cake of a building, giant eggs perch on the tower,  bread loaves dot the sides, mannequins dance across the roof, and a geodesic dome bulges into the sky beside the traditional church that hosted Dali’s christening and funeral. Inside, the madness continues. Strangely juxtaposed images fill every space of this fun house. (read more)


Dick Hyman:
The Cat in the Suit
by Jo Morello
(excerpted from Gulfshore Life magazine)

“Somebody get that cat a beret,” you think. In a profession where funky clothes and off-beat style are trademarks, Dick Hyman is the unlikeliest-looking jazz musician around. Sitting ramrod-straight at the piano, his no-nonsense performance posture rivals that of some Marines. But then he leans forward to touch the keys and the conservative imagery disappears. This man’s music jumps! He plays honky-tonk and you picture sleeve garters. As he segues into ragtime, then sashays into swing, the clothes no longer matter. The piano is everything.

Soon it becomes even more. A jazz band sharing the stage is now heard. The bass starts up, then the drums, the guitar. The horns join in while Hyman sits playing away, unobtrusively conducting the whole shebang from his piano bench.  (read more)




Jo Morello’s articles have been published extensively in national as well as regional publications, both print and electronic, especially during the late 1990s-early 2000s. Now, intrigued by a wealth of exciting topics that encompass unlimited horizons, she is once again presenting new subjects to readers.

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Jo first discovered the advantages of freelancing as a young wife, mother and graduate student earning her M.S. from Temple University’s School of Communications & Theater. During that time she worked on a scholarly journal, the Journal of Broadcasting, as a graduate assistant. She was also writer/editor for a monthly magazine covering Philadelphia and seven other counties; part-time copy editor/proofreader for a chain of eight suburban Philadelphia weeklies; and freelance writer for the now-defunct Philadelphia Evening Bulletin.

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